Cafe Ambrosia
1923 East Broadway
Long Beach, CA 90802
(562) 432-1098
Cross Streets:
Cuisine: Mediterranean, Greek, American & Californian, Vegetarian
Walk through the doors of Café Ambrosia and you will feel yourself transported to an enchanting sanctuary far away from the daily noise and stress of city life. Our restaurant features three beautiful sections: a lovely indoor dining area with a gorgeous fireplace suitable for family gatherings, holiday celebrations, special-event parties, and church, school, or business functions; an adjoining covered patio with a koi pond and another fireplace will relax your senses; and finally, an open garden patio with a cozy fire pit that will enhance your dining experience morning, afternoon, or night!

To incorporate the famous Healthy Style "Cretan Diet" into our food creations, we have collected delicacies of many ethnicities located in the regions surrounding the Mediterranean Sea such as Greek, Italian, French, Turkis, and Middle Eastern, as well as an impressive selection of wine to complement the flavors of such flavorful dishes. Our menu is not exclusively limited to tastes of the Mediterranean and Middle East, however. Our Classic American and European favorites are also made fresh daily, and we love to create Vegan and Vegetarian delicacies for our select clientele. We never compromise on quality!